It all started on the beach in a faraway land in 2007… Portlandia Foods founders Jeff Bergadine and Michael Deal kicked around the idea of a condiment company with two aims: to bring respectability back to our food and engage the community.


After hours in the kitchen, along came Portland Ketchup! Loved the world over, we encounter ketchup in every restaurant, cafeteria, or bistro we enter. Yet, the only option is often genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, and laced with high fructose corn syrup. We at Portlandia Foods partner with local distributors, who partner with farmers, who in turn partner with ladybugs and honeybees (like the cute guys featured on our bottles!) to produce our condiments the way nature intended… no monocultures, no pesticides, no corn syrup. So you get a product good for your health, your palate, and the environment!


If your favorite dining spot is carrying an unhealthy alternative, invite them to give us a try. We’re always interested in co-branding, integrating the style of the location for that extra aesthetic. We also love receiving your local photos to spice up our labels!